Project: Neurostimulator

Services: Hardware and software development


The Algotec NeuroStimulator is the first generation of office based Neurostimulation therapies for the treatment of chronic peripheral neuropathic pain. Through the use of 1 or 2 metal probes inserted under the skin and a return electrode pad, it uses electrical currents at precise amplitudes and waveforms to provide patients with reduced pain, increased activity, increased independence and improved quality of life.

IBEX provided the complete hardware and embedded software design.


Design the electronics PCB (printed circuit board) module around the the client selected enclosure.

Work with front membrane panel designers to produce a high quality and simple to assemble unit.

Provide 6 inexpensive black and white LCD screens with monochrome graphics capabilities.

Design electronic circuitry to provide the required voltages and waveforms specified by the client for the treatment of chronic peripheral neuronic pain.

Research and develop the required electronics for the safe use of electric currents through the human body, with user selectable treatment parameters.

Provide printer output port, with a session report printed at the end of each treatment.

Design to pass compliance testing and stringent medical product conformance requirements for use in hospitals.

Designed using low cost embedded technology.

Manufacture prototype unit followed by production manufacture with final product shipped fully assembled to client ready for sale.

Provide full manufacture, test and user documentation.