Project: SmartSlab Video Display Panel

Services: Hardware and software development


SmartSlab was designed to be the worlds toughest video display, used for walls, floors, billboards and buildings.

IBEX provided the complete electronic hardware and embedded software design.


Design a LED based video display panel for the client designed and patented honeycomb structure.

Design LED PCB (printed circuit board) module, 4 of which fit into a single SmartSlab panel together with a bespoke embedded control PCB, power supply and cooling fan.

Design using low cost embedded technology for lowest possible production costs.

Carry out R&D and subsequently design the LED PCB to dissipate the heat generated by the LED’s through PCB copper heatsinks and forced air cooling.

Design the control PCB to include a 100Base-T Ethernet port for fast network communications from a video server, with on board individual LED calibration adjustment and subsequent display via the LED’s.

10 bit individual LED PWM control with fast frame rate capabilities.

Temperature monitoring via PCB mounted temperature sensors, to protect the LED’s against overheating.

Implement frame display synchronisation functionality to avoid problems of strobing between panels updating at different times.

Provide full manufacture and test documentation for high volume manufacture by offshore suppliers.