Adjusting Properties Of An Element

Select it in the window and look at the properties panel.

Properties / Events

Use the spanner / Lightning bolt buttons next to the name

Accessing all of the properties

If you have arrange by category selected you are only shown the basic properties.  To see all of the properties (e.g. max and min width as well as width, press the down arrow at the bottom of the category to reveal the rest.

Margins, padding etc

Four values – left, top, right, and bottom edges
Two values – 1st number is left and right edges, 2nd number is top and bottom edges
Single value – used for all four sides

Negative values  – may be used for margins, but are not allowed for padding.

What is the unit of measurement?

The length type properties use units of pixels, although they are considered logical pixels and do not always map directly to physical pixels on the screen. Windows automatically scales content based on the size and resolution of the screen. 



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