Install 'Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard' from

You create the SD card image using this application.

Set the following:

Device Name:            <The name you want to use>

Administrator Password:    <The password you want to use> (see note below)

Don’t worry about the Wi-Fi connection profiles notice if shown.

Accept the software licence terms and press ‘Download and install’

Once the SD card writing is complete, insert it into a Raspberry Pi and provide the following connections:

Ethernet network connection with internet access.
USB keyboard and mouse.
HDMI monitor.

Once booted the operating system install will continue.  Once complete note the Ethernet connection IP address shown and enter it into your web browser as follows:

e.g. “”

Log in using 

Username:   Administrator
Password:   The password you set

This will open the web configuration interface.  Here you will find all of the Windows configuration options.

Typical changes required:

Home > Time Zone > Set to your time zone


Some special characters (maybe all?) are not accepted!!!  We've found that if a '^' is used in the password when you come to enter it later the login is rejected until you enter the password with the ^ removed!  At the time of writing no notification is given by Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard that you've used characters  which are not permitted.

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