A Provisioning package allows you to apply settings over an existing standard Windows IoT install.  For instance you can use one to add certificates, set update times etc.



All the items you can manage via a provisioning package


Creating a Provisioning Package

“Windows Image Configuration and Designer” is included as part of “Windows 10 Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK)”, which can be downloaded from:


Install it on a Windows 10 PC

Start > Programs > Windows Kits > Windows ADK > Windows Imaging & Configuration Designer

Create: Advanced  provisioning > Give it a name and location > Select “Windows 10 IoT Core” > Finish

In the ‘View’ dropdown select “Common IoT settings”.

Now make the settings etc you require for the package.

Once complete select 'Export' from the toolbad and 'Provisioing package'.

To Install It

Copy the .ppkg file to C:\Windows\Provisioning\Packages directory on the IoT device. Upon reboot of the device the package will be executed.

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