Frequently asked questions about our electronic design & product design services

What sets us apart from other design companies?

We are a small company and offer a personal service to anyone from individuals developing a new idea, to large companies outsourcing technical services.  We provide a quality service built up over many years of satisfied customers.

What are your typical turnaround times?

This varies depending on your project and will be specified in our quotation.  Typically a product design will take between 4 and 10 weeks from the day we start work to the day we deliver the completed prototype and full manufacture documentation. Typically a software only development project will take between 4 and 8 weeks. We try to be as flexible as possible and as long as you don't literally 'need it yesterday' we can usually accommodate.

What do you supply with a finished product design?

For a new product design you can expect complete circuit designs in .PDF format, a detailed parts list and full manufacture documentation that you can hand to your chosen manufacturer for quoting and subsequent production.

What do you cost?

Again this is obviously dependant on the specifics of your project.  Generally our rates compare very favourably over those of general industry design houses thanks to our small size.

Can you provide references?

No problem - we are happy to provide contact details of recent clients.

Do you offer a 'Silent Partner' service?

Some of our clients prefer us to keep the services we provide to them confidential.  We are happy to do this and sign non disclosure agreements where necessary.