Portfolio project:

Modified existing product
Modified existing product

Sometimes you have something existing that is a great solution, but it doesn’t do everything you need from it. One option when faced with this issue is to simply design a new circuit board that connects into it and adapts it for the new use.

For this project the existing product in question was actually one of the clients existing PCBs they’d developed a couple of years earlier. Faced with needing an urgent new version of the product and the original designers being tied up with a heavy existing workload, IBEX was asked to come up with a solution instead.

We looked at the existing design and identified the simplest way to connect into it and provide all of the new interfacing and programmable control needed. We then designed a PCB that would mate exactly to the existing PCB and provide the connections into it.

Once complete we’d sucessfully added a new noise-cancelling microphone input, amplified speaker output and programmable chime feature into this sophisticated digital audio interface board, to exactly meet the specifications of the new job the client was supplying their system into. All done super quickly and with a minimum of fuss!

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