Our Promises

We like to shout about the promises we make to our clients.

1 - You'll deal with designers not sales people

When you come to us with an enquiry you will speak directly to a designer who can tell you exactly what we can bring to your project, not someone who promises everything and finds out later if it can actually be delivered.

2 - Late is a four letter word

We don't promise undeliverable timescale's. We'll only promise you delivery dates we know we can achieve.

3 - If we're not the best suited company for you we'll tell you

We're a busy company and we don't need to take on work that we are not the ideal choice for, so if we think you would be better served by another company we'll tell you.

4 - Small and flexible

We deliberately remain a small company so we can offer a personal, dynamic and value for money service. We'll adapt to your project and our quotation for your work won't include any large company overheads.

5 - Clear communication

We won't blind you with science and we won't baffle you with long drawn out paperwork. Our quotations for projects are short and to the point, and if you're not sure exactly what it is you need we'll help you draw up your specifications.

6 - The design work we do for you will be excellent

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service and we know our reputation is only as good as our last job.