Raspberry Pi Design Services

Electronic design and software development services for the Raspberry Pi open source hardware platform.

Use our in house expertise to design great solutions based around the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Hardware

& Software Development

Raspberry Pi designer

The Raspberry Pi

If you don't know about the Raspberry Pi open source single-board computer visit their homepage here.

Raspberry Pi Development Services

Open source hardware is a great solution for lots of one off and specialist projects, but it often needs some level of bespoke electronics and software drivers adding for a specific task. We design for open source hardware platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and we are able to quickly and cheaply design hardware add on's and software drivers for client projects. This can either be as a complete finished solution utilising the Raspberry Pi, or to allow your own onward in-house software development using it customised to your application.

If you are looking at open source hardware for an upcoming project why not use our expertise to do the complex or specialist low level hardware side for you and ensure it is designed correctly. We can even write the basic template software for you, or specialist operating functions, allowing you to get on with your main software functionality.


The Raspberry Pi mounted as a daughter board powering one of our clients products.

Our Raspberry Pi Resources Site

We also contribute a great deal of our knowledge and resources back to the community through open sourcing and publishing many of our company’s internal notes and libraries. You can see some of our open source resources here.


Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation.