Pre Release Checks

Package.appxmanifest > Visual Assets

Store Logo

Provide your own 50x50px logo

Square 44×44 Logo

Provide your own 24x24px logo

Provide your own 88x88px logo

Square 150×150 Logo

Provide your own 300x300px logo

Square 310×150 Logo

Provide your own 620x300px logo

Splash Screen

You must have a “scale-200” image for deployment to work (its the default one, others are optional)

Supply 1 source image (2480x1200px ideal) and it will generate the rest from it.

Files you add are renamed to “SplashScreen.scale-###.png” and stored in the solution explorer ‘Assets’ folder.  You can delete images from there if you need to.

Package.appxmanifest > Packaging


In Windows Store

Microsoft docs:

Log into the store:

Create the app.

Start your submission

To keep it hidden from general users

‘Pricing and availability’ > ‘Visibility’

Private Audience> ‘Hide this app and prevent acquisition’

Create a new group and add users email addresses to it.

Make this product available but not discoverable in the Microsoft Store n+ Direct link only

Note you need to SAVE your settings!

In Visual Studio

Select ‘Release’

Menu > Build > Run code analysis on soluton

Do any checks you have on the project, set version number defines, etc.

Open Package.appxmanifest file and check the options for your package.

Menu > Build > Clean [MyAppName]

Menu > Build > Rebuild [MyAppName]

In solution Explorer right click the project > Publish > Create App Packages.

Select option for upload to Windows Store.

It should show your windows store account.  Select the app name you’ve already created in the windows store.

Pacakages To Create – Select only ‘ARM’

The app will then be built + packaged

Validate Store App

When presented with “Launch Windows App Certification Kit” > select “Use local device”

Now you are given the option to do the ‘Launch Windows App Certifiation Kit’.  We find this brings up a dos box and then stops.  To get round this:

Start > Programs. Windows Kits > Windows App Certification Kit > Windows App Cert Kit

Possible Errors

“App manifest references the image ‘Assets\SplashScreen.png’ which does not have a candidate in main app package.”

  • You must have a “.scale-200” image (its the default and required)

“Unable to copy file ####”

  • Is the path too long where the project is stored???
How to install options

Microsoft docs on this:

Adding to Windows Store

On the Raspberry Pi it appears you can’t yet download your app from the store so we skip this currently…

Click ‘Windows’ in the top bar to go to the Windows apps you have.

In the device Web Interface

On the Raspberry Pi it appears you can’t yet download your app from the store, so you need to ‘sideload’ it,  which is Microsoft talk for how you install an app on a device directly.

Go To ‘Apps’ > the ‘Install App’ section

You will be selecting files from the created “MyProject/AppPackages/MyProject_#.#.#.#_Test/” folder

First install the app certificate:

“Install Certificate” > “Browse” > Select your ‘Certificate’ file: ‘MyProject_#.#.#.#_arm.cer’

Press “Install”

Now install the application:

“Local Storage” > “Browse” > Select the ‘App package’ file: “MyProject_#.#.#.#_arm.appxbundle”

Allow me to select optional packages: No

Allow me to select framework packages: YES

Press “Next”

Press “Browse” multiple times to select each of the files  in the “/Dependencies/ARM/” folder

Press “Install”, wait for the installation progress to complete.

The app should be installed without error.  Then once installed it should appear in the ‘Apps’ list below. If you want it to auto run on startup then select where you can select it as the “Startup” app.


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