This driver provides file reading from a FTDI VDIP1 USB module which uses the FDTI VNC1L IC running their VDAP firmware.  The FTDI documentation is really poor and this driver was the result of a great deal of lengthy head bashing to finally get a solution that worked.  For some reason FTDI themselves don't see any reason for them to properly document all of the functionality or provide a working code sample for this device over SPI, sigh.

Interface: SPI, although relatively straightforward to change this to use the UART interface instead.  Note that the SPI interface is non standard, using 13 bits, so this driver communicates via a manually bit bashed SPI interface.

Get the files from our GitHub repository here.


Upgrading firmware on the VNC1L: Download the FTDI ".ftd" file you want to use and rename it to "ftrfb.ftd".  Copy it onto a USB drive and insert.

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