After years of selling some of our large source code projects via this embedded-code.com web site we took the decision in August 2013 to release all of the projects under the very friendly MIT open source licence.  As time had moved on and the open source movement had grown in the embedded software space it had been something we’d considered for a while.  As our company focus had moved into other areas we decided to release the projects for everyone to use for free and evolve if they wish to.  We hope others can benefit from the projects and we hope that if you make improvements you will choose to also release your improvements to the community.

Since then we've also been adding new source code here fairly regularly and we hope it benefits you in your projects.  If you develop software of any sort we hope you may consider releasing your own handy bits of source code to the community like this too, so we can all spend a bit less time fighting with low level drivers and the more mundane bits of code embedded projects need and instead spend more doing the brilliant things that link it all together!


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