The following companies provide a large range of 'off the shelf' enclosures which can be machined, printed and in many cases also painted to your requirements. Using an off the shelf enclosure for your product design can save substancial moulding design and protoyping costs.

When selecting or designing your enclosure you should consider the recycling impact of the enclosure at the end of your products life. Metal enclosures are generally very good from a recycling point of view, as with increasing raw material costs it can be very economic to melt down the metals and recycle them. For instance, using recycled Aluminium can cost as little as 10% of the cost to mine new aluminium from the ground. If you will use a plastic enclosure bear in mind that many plastics can be recycled at the end of a products life, but only if each part comprises of just one plastic type. Using moulded rubber sections for example, whilst fashionable, usually means that the part cannot be recycled economically and has to be sent to land fill. Using a label glued to a plastic part will also usually make it worthless and consigned to landfill.















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