Below are some of the UK based electronic subcontract manufacturing companies we or our clients have used and can recommend.

Thinking of having your product manufactured in China, India, or another low labour cost country? This can be a very cost effective route for electronic product manufacture, but you should bear in mind that these countries are not always the best choice with the new environmental producer regulations coming into force in Europe and maybe also your companies own environmental policies. Many products can be cost effectively manufactured in the UK and there are several European countries, such as Bulgaria and Poland, that also provide very low cost manufacturing choices, without the higher transportation financial and eco costs of further afield countries. Remember also to factor in your costs of dealing with offshore manufacturers. Any production cost savings need to cover your own companies costs of visiting distant manufacturers, both in terms of staff time and travel costs. If your company is environmentally aware and views carbon footprints as important you also need to factor in that many low cost manufacturing counties rely on fossil fuels for the bulk of their power generation, dramatically increasing the carbon footprint of their manufacturing processes.

Cable looms, electro-mechanical assembly, panel and cabinet wiring & full product build

Complete product manufacture. Highly recommended by some of our clients.

Complete product manufacture. Highly recommended by some of our clients.

  Complete product manufacture.

Surface mount PCB assembly. Lovely people to work with

Complete product manufacture

Through hole PCB and cable loom manufacture. Great guys to work with.

Triangle Electronics Small to medium production, PCBs, cable assemblies, assembly and test.

Tioga Electronics assembly.  These guys love to deal with complex electronics – tiny component sizes , PoP (Package on Package), etc.

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