Floatation tank control system

Floatation tank remote

IBEX was commissioned to design the complete control system for a brand-new floatation tank concept developed by our client. The aim was to automate all of the aspects of the day-to-day running of a floatation tank and create a perfect experience for the user. This control system regulated the heating of the tank, automated filtration […]

Fluid filter control module

Fluid filter control module internal

Our client invented and patented a revolutionary self -cleaning filter for industrial fluid systems. Like all great inventions, it is beautifully simple and boasts that it uses less water and requires less energy than any other similar filtration methods in its class. IBEX was commissioned to design the electronics for the new filter unit, with […]

Bicycle hire station

Bicycle hire station

IBEX was commissioned to develop the hardware and embedded software for a new street-based bicycle rental station.  With power typically provided from a rechargeable battery pack, for low-cost street installation, all of the system electronics were designed for minimal power consumption and ultra-low power sleep states. Operating times of many weeks were achieved between battery […]

Kinetic sculpture controller

Sculpture controller

A client we’ve worked with for many years is a renowned kinetic sculptor, creating incredible moving pieces often with lit elements to accentuate the beautiful effects. After designing several bespoke control systems IBEX was asked to develop a standardised controller that could be used across a wide range of projects, with software customised for each […]

Video projector fibre optic alignment

Fibre optic receiver PCB

Large-scale video projection, for instance onto the front of large buildings, can be a nightmare to install due to the need to utilise multiple projectors to achieve the necessary high brightness levels required across very large surfaces. Lining up each projector, where perfection is critical to a perfect end result, can be an arduous and […]

Foundry gas analyser

Foundry gas analyser

IBEX was selected to design a specialised analyser for a client specialising in the manufacture of gas content sensors for foundries. Working to a specific brief provided by the client, IBEX designed the software and hardware to make highly accurate measurements from the small signal gas and temperature sensors utilised in this niche application. A […]

Vessel monitoring system

Vessel monitoring unit

Working at sea involves harsh conditions. IBEX was selected the develop a bespoke vessel monitoring system for use on small to medium-sized vessels for a variety of monitoring needs. Incorporating highly sensitive accelerometers for crew shock logging in rough seas, GPS, WiFi connectivity, GSM connectivity, CAN bus connections to remote sensors and vessel engines and […]

Racing games controller

Race system

Our client builds and installs super fun “hands-on” race game systems, for events and venues around the world. They came to IBEX to develop a new universal control system which would cover the hugely varied needs of their game systems into the future. Key requirements were that the system needed to be very reliable and […]

Billboard lighting smart box

Smart box

Large billboards are a sizeable financial investment for advertisers. In additional to needing to ensure they are lit during dark periods of the day when people are still passing by, owners often also need to be able to demonstrate that the advertisement hung at a billboard is still in good condition and being lit correctly. […]

SMS remote lockout box


Our client saw a niche but very important market where the ability to lock out the operation of digital signage in the event of unauthorised access to control equipment wasn’t being well served. Having worked on a previous product design for them, they came to IBEX to design a complete hardware and embedded software turn-key […]