As you start decisions for an assembler project in MPLAB X

Memory mode

Absolute mode (not recommended)

Newer versions of MPLABX apparently support absolute mode a bit better, but problems with global variables can be caused by using absolute addressing instead of relative addressing. This is a 30 years old technique.

MPLAB X will not show variables using absolute addressing in the watch window, this is a massive problem!  Rumours it may now, true??

You will need to manually set a checkbox in the project properties to tell MPLABX that this is an absolute mode project.

Relocatable mode

This is the modern recommended addressing mode.

MPLABX PIC Assembly support

MPLAB X no longer supports mpasm

There’s a new XC8 PIC Assembly “pic-as”. You need to install an up to date version of XC8 and you’ll then get “pic-as” offered as a compiler toolchain when creating a new project.

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